Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – Nobody Reads This Anyways Edition

“Even though I dodge the pain,
even though I’m getting used to it,
Why is it that in times like these,
my tears just can’t be stopped?”

According to this week’s random song choice by my iPod, this weekend would be best spent watching anime. And I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you Apple! Due to the rather guilty-pleasure-heavy nature of this week’s track I considered not posting it at all. But since I missed the last few weeks and nobody is reading this shit anyways, why not? It’s a pop song in a collection that generally has virtually anything but pop, and is there because of its connection to my anime habit.

“Second Flight”, performed by Kotoko & Hiromi Sato is the opening theme to the short series anime ‘Onegai Twins”, one of my favourite shows. It follows three possibly related orphans as they try to solve the mystery of which two of the three are actual siblings. The show itself has a few glaring flaws, some things are silly to the point of stupid, and one episode’s story-line comes off a little unintentionally mean-spirited. But there is a good story at the heart of it and has many of my favourite characters and scenes in it.

Here’s the series intro and opening credits featuring the song. I couldn’t find a version with subs- The three see their early childhood home (as they know it from a picture) in a news report (on the events of the series this is a loose “sequel” to) and each decide to find it:

Geez… I’ve sure expended a lot of effort into something no one gives a shit about. But really, the point for me is to do something and stay disciplined and thorough about it. If I’m ever going to do something worthwhile with this blog, it is a skill set I’m going to need.

Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 09/28/12

“There’s no simple explanation
for anything important any of us do…”

For an explanation of what I’m doing read this post.

As I left work tonight I was greeted by this sight on my windshield-


So naturally this called for a song that was upbeat but just a little introspective and melancholy. I hit the shuffle on my trusty iPod Nano and it delivered the all too perfect for my mood “Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)” by Canada’s house band, The Tragically Hip.

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Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 09/21/12

“After all she feels numbness inside
The feeling’s gone she’s upside down
The pictures behind her closed eyes
This time you went too far…”

For an explanation of what I’m doing read this post.

This Friday’s randomness kicked up this haunting acoustic mix of Delerium’s “After All” featuring Jael.

Delerium is one of my favourite groups. They were my gateway into electronica and the reason that Goth/Industrial/EBM is some of my most listened to music today. Their ‘Karma’ album is awesome and one I list as of my top life-changing albums.

With the ‘Voice’ album they stripped off their usual musical treatment of their songs and chose a more organic accompaniment. And when it works, it really works, like here and with the acoustic rendition of  “Flowers Become Screens” with one of my favourite vocalists Kristy Thirsk.

Lyrics and much more after the jump-

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Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 09/14/12

“Your mommy and your daddy
Gonna plague me till I die
They can’t understand it
I’m just a peace/love guy…”

For an explantion of what I’m doing read this post.

Since my iPod was full of Queen songs for the posthumous birthday of Freddie Mercury (being marked by the Freddie For A Day campaign) it was no surprise when “Tie Your Mother Down” popped up as this week’s theme.

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Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 08/31/12

“Tonight my evening’s pleasure’s in a glass
Black and creamy headed, draining fast
Then you crashed in, all full of questions…”

For an explantion of what I’m doing read this post.

I’m glad this came up, Spirit of the West are my favourite band and any weekend started with them can’t be bad, no matter how much pain my back is in.  “Tell Me What I Think” off their ‘Two Headed’ album is an ode to the dying art of independent thought. It also has a reference to Guinness, which I really wish I had some of right now.

The video itself is a quirky but cool artsy performance piece. It was choreographed around a fixed point camera and filmed in one shot with no edits. I’m glad I found it, the video has been difficult to come by, even in the age of the youtubes.

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Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 08/17/12

“Pride or shame, it’s all the same
Who’s innocent and who’s to blame?
Politics or just a game?
Well in the end they knew his name…”

Forgot to do this last week, but moving on… For an explantion of what I’m doing read this post.

This week’s song, “Rascal King” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, was a fun one to start my Friday night with. I wish these guys had been bigger than they were, good music and a fun act to watch.

Lyrics and more after jump:

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Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 08/03/12

“We kill the lights and put on a show
It’s all a lie
But you’d never know…”

Recently I’ve started a generally useless but fun tradition of sorts on Friday afternoon. I hit shuffle on my iPod as I leave work for the day, and the first song to come up I make my theme song for the weekend. Some of the choices have been nonsensical, other times like this week and a month back when the choice was Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain” the selection has been full of Win and Awesome. I’ve decided to start sharing these, seeing as that I have this blog and all to do such with.

This week’s track is “Kill the Lights” by one of my favourite bands The Birthday Massacre (official site). It’s the killer opening track off their album “Walking With Strangers”:

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