Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 08/31/12

“Tonight my evening’s pleasure’s in a glass
Black and creamy headed, draining fast
Then you crashed in, all full of questions…”

For an explantion of what I’m doing read this post.

I’m glad this came up, Spirit of the West are my favourite band and any weekend started with them can’t be bad, no matter how much pain my back is in.  “Tell Me What I Think” off their ‘Two Headed’ album is an ode to the dying art of independent thought. It also has a reference to Guinness, which I really wish I had some of right now.

The video itself is a quirky but cool artsy performance piece. It was choreographed around a fixed point camera and filmed in one shot with no edits. I’m glad I found it, the video has been difficult to come by, even in the age of the youtubes.

Lyrics and more after the jump-

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