Wes’s Random Weekend Theme – 09/21/12

“After all she feels numbness inside
The feeling’s gone she’s upside down
The pictures behind her closed eyes
This time you went too far…”

For an explanation of what I’m doing read this post.

This Friday’s randomness kicked up this haunting acoustic mix of Delerium’s “After All” featuring Jael.

Delerium is one of my favourite groups. They were my gateway into electronica and the reason that Goth/Industrial/EBM is some of my most listened to music today. Their ‘Karma’ album is awesome and one I list as of my top life-changing albums.

With the ‘Voice’ album they stripped off their usual musical treatment of their songs and chose a more organic accompaniment. And when it works, it really works, like here and with the acoustic rendition of  “Flowers Become Screens” with one of my favourite vocalists Kristy Thirsk.

Lyrics and much more after the jump-

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